Saturday, January 09, 2010

Recycle green tea leave

I have Green Tea leave that is expired for 3-years now. Like always, I never like to waste, thus I chance upon this website that gives me more ideas to my expired green tea.

When you are done using the tea leaves to make a cup of tea, put the used leaves in a strainer and drain out all the water. Next lay them out on unprinted paper and put them in the sunlight for 2 days. You should turn them over after a day. What you will end up with is used and dried tea leaves. These leaves are very useful. Below are a few things you can do with these incredible leaves.

Carpet Cleaning

With your hands, crush the dried leaves into little pieces and then sprinkle them on your carpet. These crushed leaves will absorb odors and fight bacteria. After several minutes vacuum them up.


Green tea leaves can also be sprinkled near plant roots and buried with soil as a natural fertilizer. In fact, a few companies sell dried tea leaves as a fertilizer. Save your money by making your own green tea fertilizer. The tea leaves will give your plants a nitrogen boost which will help them grow.


Crushed tea leaves are great for deodorizing practically anything. You can use them on almost any bad smelling area in your home such as where your pets lay or sleep. You can even put the crushed tea leaves in a bowel and put it in your refrigerator uncovered for a few days to clear out any bad smells. If you want to get a strong smell off your hands such as the smell of onions or garlic, rub your hands with the crushed tea leaves.

Make a Pillow

For many people, the aroma that comes from green tea helps them sleep at night. The idea then is to make a pillow out of your used tea leaves. The tea pillow will give off a slight scent that will help you sleep at night. Just remember to open up your pillow once a week to let it air out because the dried tea leaves will absorb the moisture that comes from your breath.

Skin Care

Green tea leaves have healing properties. They are perfect for healing minor cuts and scrapes. Many drug stores now sell a green tea solution that does this. Rumor has it that green tea leaves also help with puffy eyes. Put some dried leaves into a small cotton bag and run water over it. Squeeze out the extra water and then place the bag over your closed eyes for a few minutes each day.

I am sure that there are many more ways you can recycle your used green tea leaves around your home. If you have come up with another use that I have not listed above, write to me and let me know. If your idea is a good one, I will share it with everyone.

Deodorizing Plus Enjoying Aroma
If you have expired green tea, put some leaves in a ceramic pot or container and burn the leaves.
It not only absorb smell but extremely fragrant.