Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kitchen Calculator

Oh I've been looking for a calculator to be place on my fridge. It's handy when I need to resize my recipe. We're unable to find one which has magnet behind the calculator. Thus I've made this myself. When to Daiso to purchase a calulator and a magnet. I glued them together and woila I've a fridge magnet calculator. Total cost of S$4.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Household Problems

I found this useful household tips during today's spring cleaning. It was quite sometime ago as the printout was printed using dot matrix and on rolled paper with holes along the side for tearing.

I'm wondering if these tips are really useful. Please drop me your comments or if you have more useful tips. Thanks

  1. Curing Headaches
    Use a lime, cut to half and rub on your forehead
  2. Use of soap wrapper
    Use wrapper of soap as air freshener for shoe cabinets
  3. Polished furniture has small scratches
    Try rubbing shelled walnut and you'll see the scratches disappear
  4. Smelly shoes
    Use some tea leaves into a pair of stockings and stuff each into a shoe. Leave for a day or two and the odour will vanish!
  5. Leftover wine
    Freeze into ice cube for future use in casseroles and sauces
  6. Opening Jars
    Use latex diswashing glove. They give a non-slip grip.
  7. Tips for stamp collectors
  8. Keep button fro dropping off
    Drop a few clear nail polish onto the thread
Super Hints
  1. Cockroaches in your home!
    Fill a large bowl of cheap wine and leave it under the sink. The pests will drink it, get drunk, fall into the bowl and drown...
  2. Avoid hurting your hands during hammering
    Instead of using your fingers to hold the nails, use a wooden clothes peg instead
  3. Tears while chopping onions
    Use a fan to blow away the fumes from the onion. Or put the clean onion in the freezer for a while before cutting
  4. Remove food stains on your fingers
    Use slice of potatoes to rub away the food stains on your fingers
  5. Get rid of itch from mosquito bite
    Apply soap on the area - instant relief!
  6. Ants, Ants everywhere
    They say ants never cross a chalk line. So draw a chalk line where the ants march-in.
  7. Eggs shells to clean glass bottles
    Break shells and drop into bottle. Add drops of detergent and bit of water, shake vigorously. Than rinse with water.
  8. Salty Soup. I put too much salt!
    Cut raw potatoes and throw them away onces they're cooked and have absorbed the salt. You've save the soup!
  9. To return discolored socks to their original colour
    Boil them on a pot of water with few slices of lemon
  10. Paper Bag's String
    Use the strings of the bags for little gift wraps
  11. To get the last drop of ketchup out of the bottle
    Grap the bottom of the bottle and start swinging your arms in a circular motion. Make sure the cap your screwed tightly! The remaining drops will be forced to the top
  12. Use air-freshener to clean mirrors
    It does a good job and leave a lovely smell too
  13. If you have slippery shoelaces
    Rub them with candle and make them less slippery so that knots stay put
  14. If you have stubborn grease stains on your clothes
    Add bottle of Coke with detergent. It'll help loosen the grease
  15. Dirty marks on your white clothes
    Just use some medicated oil on a piece of clothes and clean off those dirty marks on your white shirt