Monday, September 03, 2007

Strewberry, Kiwi Jelly Cheesecake

Yet another experiment with cheesecake. This time is the Strewberry, Kiwi Jelly Cheesecake.
I remembered a similar cheesecake eaten during a family dinner. So I decided to improvise it from a respberry jelly cheesecake recipe. So who's gonna be my tester this time?


TTNMT said...

Hi Shini,

Wld u mind to share with me the strawberry cheesecake recipe?

Thks a million!

TTNMT said...


Am really hope to learn the recipes. Mind sharing pls?
Or cld u pls tell me if the ingredient such as Whipped cream is used? Thks again ;)

shini said...

Sorry. This is a secret recipe passed down from someone very close.
However, i could share that whipped cream is used.

ChezzyHeart said...

No problem,;)
btw, may i ask how u remove the cheesecake from e tray w/o causing demage to the cheesecake =p

shini said...
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